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Natural Alternatives for Healing

Most health issues are a result of improper nutrition, allergies, environmental factors, or unresolved emotional issues. Animals, like people, feel stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and much more. Holistic methods normally work on the energetic level and get to the source of the issue, instead of bandaging the symptom. Working on the energetic level with these tools is referred to as energy medicine, and is the new frontier of healing. This by no means replaces traditional medicine or veterinary care, but can significantly reduce the need for it.

Human and Pet Services


         Applied Kinesiology 

Muscle Testing/Body Wisdom

With Applied Kinesiology I can discover allergies/sensitivities, find the best foods or supplements for that individual, determine appropriate dosing, release trauma induced stress, and select holistic alternatives that are in that individual’s best interest.


This is a fabulous way to get ahead of trial and error purchase, hurry along indecisiveness, and heal while you are at it. 

Muscle testing is absolutely key to holistic success, especially with pets since they cannot speak and are very sensitive to energies, substances, and foods.


Energetic Based Healing

Reiki & SASA

The energy that naturally flows through us is what causes us to be alive. If one's energy source is running low they are more likely to get ill, feel stress, and be unable to let go of traumas.

Energy healing focuses on what the body needs most, from physical repair to emotional healing.


Traumas can melt away, ailments can disappear, and strength can be restored. Energy work can improve the health of both humans and pets.


Stress Trigger Release

Physical Stimuli Testing with

Acupoint Activation for Relief

This method resets the nervous system, bringing relief from current mechanical and emotional stressors while stabilizing muscle strength and whole body balance.

Change undesiring behavioral patterns and reset the body, stopping the negative spiral effect of the body's memory stress association. Through the use of Injury Recall, Temporal Tapping, and Acupoint Association the body is given the chance to shed the old stories and start living for today.  

Pet Services


      Animal Communication

Getting to Know your Fur Baby

Discover your animal's desires, emotions, needs, feelings, and health concerns.


Interspecies communication is a telepathic and energetic practice. Just as in verbal communication between humans, animal communication is a two-way information exchange that increases mutual understanding and works toward resolution of issues.


Nutritional Coaching

Providing Sensitivity Free Balanced Diets

Holistic care approaches health as a whole. It incorporates and acknowledges the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. The goal is to achieve a peaceful and synergetic balance amongst these within the self, that is when true well-being is reached.


Nutrition plays a huge roll in this overall health. Without proper nutrition the body eventually starts manifesting illness and breaking down. Profit driven corporations have successfully created years of misconceptions around what is healthy and nutritious for your pet. Using my years of gathered knowledge, schooling, and muscle testing we can determine the healthiest, most ideal diet to suit your pet's individual needs.


Furry Addition to the Family

Start Best Foot Forward

This is an informational session that includes tips and tricks that will save you money and keep your pet healthy. I incorporate "must know" facts about dental, nutrition, overall wellness, training, trauma, and how to successfully communicate with your new fur kid.

Natures Remedies


             Crystal Therapy

Nature's Gifts

Crystals can be worn or placed in the home to help shift imbalances, to bring peace and calmness, to heal physical illnesses, to improve sleep, or simply because they are beautiful. Each crystal has an expansive list of properties, these properties can be beneficial or harmful depending on the person and the situation. For example: The most commonly used crystal for the heart chakra is Rose Quartz. However, this crystal can also reduce ambition in some people. 

Crystals have strong energetic vibrations, and can be overwhelming to animals. Simply placing crystals in their sleeping or living space or on their collars is not advisable. I work with you to provide your home, yourself, and your animals with the crystals that are best suited for your individual situation. 

Custom Crystal Therapy Products:

  • Bracelets  

  • Pet Collar Pouches 

  • Stress Relief Stones

  • Individual stones for the office, travel, and in home use.



Essential Oils

If you are interested in diffusing or wearing essential oils for their healing properties, the best way to determine which oil to use is to muscle test. Muscle testing also shows the dilution, frequency, and duration in which to use the oil.


Essential oils can be hazardous to animals and should only be used if muscle tested to ensure safety.


Humans can get away with trial and error but why not save money and know exactly which oil you need. Better yet, why purchase a single oil when you can get a blend custom made to fit your specific needs and wants.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 6.58.39 PM.png

Flower Essence Blends

Nudging the Self into Balance

Flower Essences are a result of years of study showing the link between the emotional state of the body and disease.


The healing properties of these essences resolve the imbalances and negativity on the soul level, which in turn balances and heals the physical body.


These essences work on a vibrational level, bringing the body and its chakras back to homeostasis.


Although Flower Essences are not harmful to animals, the store-bought essences contain alcohol as a preservative, which is not suited for animal use. I offer custom made blends safe for both human and animal use.

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