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Animal Communication and Why?

Just as in verbal communication between humans, animal communication is a two-way information exchange that increases mutual understanding and works toward resolution of issues.

Benefits of Animal Communication:

1. Negative memories, traumas, depression, and grief cause altered behaviors. When the root of these behaviors are not addressed the distress manifests into symptoms/disease. With open dialogue these memories/traumas can be attended to, preventing further damage on the health of your pet and can improve balance and wellbeing.

2. Open communication with your pet equips you as the owner with a description of symptoms, feelings, and pains that are helpful for veterinarans during their diagnostic process.

3. With the ability to understand your pet and have a two way information exchange, specific behavior problems can be understood and the training approach can include your animal’s cooperation.

4. Communication during transitions and environment changes, gives them an understanding of what is happening, and is an incredible gift to give your pet, alleviating a lot of anxiety and abandonment fears.

5. Lastly, communicating with your pet increases awareness and closeness between the both of you. This forms a stronger, more loving and joy filled relationship with your animal.

Interspecies communication is a telepathic and energetic practice; therefore, it occurs regardless of the location of the conversing parties. For an appointment or questions please feel free to email me at or visit my webpage

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