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Fitness Resolutions & Natures Gifts

Helping you keep on track with your resolutions using natural alternatives.

Are your fitness goals getting the best out of you? Getting tired of that sore feeling?

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help keep you on track.

‪1. Essential oils can reduce swelling and pain, rub any of these or a mixture of these on the sore muscle (always dilute with a scentless lotion or a carrier oil) : lavender, peppermint, clary sage, marjoram, ginger, chamomile. Young living and dōTERRA are by far my favorite brands and carry some exceptional muscle relaxant mixtures. My favorite is the dōTERRA Deep Blue.

2. Don't want to rub stuff on, pop a few Boiron Homeopathic pellets in your mouth and off you go. The two I would suggest in this situation: Arnica Montana and Cuprum Metallicum. Follow the directions on the bottle for dosing and frequency.

3. Don't want to take a sugar pill, the energetic frequency in some crystals have been know to help with pain and soreness. Here are a few stones you can stick in your pocket or place on the sore muscle: Black tourmaline, smoky quarts, lepidolite, blue calcite, hematite, rose quarts, soap stone, and my favorites selenite and celestite. There are a lot of crystals (more than listed here) with pain relieving properties, find the one that works best for you and keep it on you after your workouts. To choose the best crystal for your pain relief, sit with each crystal separately for 5-10 minutes and see if you feel relief. You can also be muscle tested against the different stones to find the best one for you.

‪4. Don't want to carry a crystal around with you, there is always Reiki Healing. A single session can leave you relaxed and ready for your next work out.

5. Lastly don't forget that proper nutrition, hydration, and supplementation is also key for rebuilding the body after a work out. Incorporate some of these 7 anti-inflammatory foods into your diet and see result that will shock you:

‪Dark green leafy veggies, berries, pomegranates, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, clove, cold water fish, flaxseeds, and chia seeds.

For Muscle Testing, Reiki Healing, or Nutrition Guidance appointments please email me at

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