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The power of your thoughts

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

“Our thoughts, and our emotions are our indicators of how we are feeling and being. Though we do not knowingly create our illness, our body responds to our negative thoughts and self-condemnation, and it gives us warning signs to let us know how we are thinking. It can start with a simple headache; a pain here, a pain there; all the way to diabetes, heart trouble and even cancer.” - Sonya Foteh Garcia

Clean up your vibrations and old habits of thinking!

‪1. Out with the old and in with the new. Replace those negative thoughts and habits with new fresh positive ones through the use of "Affirmations". Book a Stress Trigger Release session to help your affirmations stick and end the spiraling negative thought patterns.

‪2. Directly after focusing time and energy on a negative feeling or fear, make the mental statement "Cancel Clear". This will void your manifestation of the negative. Remember, your thoughts manifest reality. Keep them clean & positive and the world will be your oyster.

‪3. You attract to yourself circumstances that are in vibrational harmony with your frequency. This frequency is determined by your mental attitude, habitual thoughts, and beliefs. Simply look around you, that is what your thoughts look like. Improve your health, your prosperity, and your relationships through positive thinking.

4. Remove your judgements of others and of yourself, stop expecting what normally happens, and start manifesting your dreams and happiness by truly believing in them.

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