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Custom Made Bracelets

Custom Made Bracelets

Crystal therapy is a subtle, but definite form of energetic, mental, and physical shift. When the crystals are worn as a bracelet or necklace, having direct skin contact, the connection with the stones deepens and amplifies their effects. Each crystal has different properties and within those properties there are a multitude of layers. My custom-made bracelets insure that the stones in your piece resonate with your specific needs and energetic signature. With the use of applied kinesiology, I can create the piece that will bring you closer to your specific goals faster than if we simply selected stones based on their listed properties. While all crystals are stunning and create beautiful bracelets, the goal in these custom-made pieces is to achieve balance, health, and help reach your personal situational goals.


Crystals can be worn or placed in the home to help shift imbalances, bring peace and calmness, heal a physical illness, improve sleep, and increase confidence. They can also be used as an aid in weight loss, a caffeine free energy boost, or as an energetic boundary. Each crystal has an expansive list of properties, these properties can be beneficial or harmful depending on the person and the situation. For example: The most commonly used crystal for love related situations of the heart is Rose Quartz, however, this crystal can also reduce ambition in some people. It is important to use applied kinesiology when selecting the crystals that are right for you, especially if you are going to be wearing them on a regular basis. With my custom-made pieces that is exactly what we do, we create the piece that is precisely what your body will work best with and get you closer to the results you seek.


    All Crystal Beads are:

    • High Grade (A) Crystals
    • Charged with Reiki Energy
    • Selected using Applied Kinesiolgy to match your specific needs and energetic signature

    • Custom made products cannot be returned or exchanged.
    • Products bought as seen on website can be exchanged. However, shipping is at charge and exchanges must be processed within two weeks of original sale.
    • Please contact us before shipping back product.

    • Shipping will be added to the cost of item at time of check out.
    • All shipping is done through USPS and within the U.S. only.
  • Stone Options

    If you wish to exclude any specific stones please list that info in one of the  "custom text" fields. I will be in contact regarding your request.

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