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Focused Healing

Healings aimed to help your pet reach a maintainable improved state

  • 30 minutes
  • Remotely

Service Description

Routine energy healings provide an added layer of support for both you and your pet during times of struggle. Whether it is health or behavioral related, energy healings get the ball rolling in the right direction. This healing package is a set of 6 sessions. The frequency of the sessions will be dependent on the animals needs and the medical or emotional situation at hand. The opportunity for animal communication or wellness coaching is not available with this package, if you are interested in a healing package that incorporates those features please check out my All Inclusive Energy Healing or Holistic Healing Hospice Care packages. All sessions are offered remotely. This gives your pet the opportunity to fully absorb the healing since they are in a place of comfort and are not having to manage excitement or anxiety from a visitor coming into their home. The more relaxed your pet is, the more benefits they receive from the healings. Appointments do not require human interaction and can be done using a photo of your pet, however if you are available and would like to utilize zoom we can have a live video session instead. In these sessions we jump straight into the application of healing. Sessions Include: 30 min. Energy Healing and Health Scan Communication updates are done via email (pre & post healing sessions) If the session is on Zoom, I ask that you prep the space, camera, and pet prior to the session so it doesn’t eat into the allotted time of the healing. Things you may witness your pet do while receiving healing: Falling asleep, shaking a limb, tummy rumbling noises, passing gas, yawning, tongue hanging out, full body shakes etc. These are all forms of energy released and are visual markers that energy healing is being received and used to heal the body. The different forms of healing your pet will be offered: Reiki, SASA (Secret Animal Spirit Alchemy), Crystal, and Quantum healing. Animals are sensitive to energies and often prefer one over the other. I give them a choice and based on their response I then move froward using that form of healing. This plan is designed to help your pet reach a maintainable improved state. Therefore, frequency will be determined based on your pets pressing issues and results from my initial reading. I have seen far greater success when providing a service that incorporates consistency of continuous healing and support, which is why healings are offered as a package and not a single session service.

Cancellation Policy

Please contact me by email 24hrs prior to our session for rescheduling. Refunds are not available but you are welcome to use the credit for a future service with in 30 days.

Contact Details


London, UK

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