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A Few Words from Others:

“Penni has made an amazing difference in our doberman Sith. He was unhappy and experiencing aggression and becoming difficult for us to live with. Through Penni's healing gift he has become a happy and expressive part of the family. Penni used animal communication, where he got to have a voice and we could explain what we were expecting from him. Back-flower Essences helped play an important part of his therapy. Sith was also muscle tested for crystal therapy, which he likes a lot.  He asks for his pouch of crystals to wear on his collar. Sith now plays and enjoys being petted and loved on, he even gives kisses now.  Penni's therapy saved our Sith.” -Jody & Sith

“When I first met Penni, I was I immediately impressed with her calm and gentle approach towards my baby Chanti (2 1/2 year old Shih Tzu). She played with her, "talked" with her and made her feel comfortable. I had so many questions. I felt at ease, as Penni answered each one with clarity and confidence. Penni recounted stories from her years of experience helping and caring for animals. I was happy with all the knowledge, information and tips she gave me. I also asked Penni to "connect and communicate" with Chanti. The answers she received from my baby were things I was wanting to "know" from her for sometime now. This experience truly helped me to care for, interact and understand Chanti on a whole new level. Our relationship has reached new heights! I would definitely recommend Penni if you are looking to gain insight into the physical and emotional well being of your furry companion. ” - Consuelo & Chanti

“Penni is an excellent animal communicator. I decided to have Penni work with my two dogs, who are 11 years old, to ensure they maintain their health as they age. First thing that came up was for them to have an acupuncture treatment. I took them in for one, not knowing why, and long story short, we are on a healing treatment path that they needed that I would not have known otherwise, had it not been for Penni's gift of working with my boys. She also found that they were allergic to chicken. I had fed them chicken and chicken products for over 11 years never seeing anything that would cause me to think they were allergic to chicken. I switched them to Turkey and it is amazing to see the difference in their demeanor and physical well being. I am slowly adding in vegetables and they are like puppies when it's time for them to eat their meals they are so excited and full of energy. I am so grateful for Penni's ability to hear my boys and tell her what they needed to have a healthy life as they progress in age. I highly recommend Penni for whatever ales you and your pets. She has helped me get myself back on track and it has made a huge difference in all of our lives at home. ”- Martha

"Thank you, Penni, for helping my son and I connect with our dearly departed family pet of 16 years, Sam.  It has been 5 years since he has passed and not a day goes by that I don't miss him.  The Sam you described to us was the same Sam we had experienced here on earth.  He was very wise and always a bright light in our lives.  You mentioned that the love between us was so intense it brought you to tears and yes, that is the experience I had with Sammy Sam here on earth, an incredible, God-like love.  Your descriptions of him and the power he still has in our lives felt familiar when I read the transcript.  It was so similar to the feelings that I had when I picked him up and held him over my heart.  I was afraid the "connection" would open up the wound of missing him but instead it made me feel closer to him and that is a priceless gift.  Thank you, Penni, for sharing your gift with us and the rest of the world. "  - Tama  &  Sammy 


"I must admit that when Penni was referred to me, I was a bit skeptical. Once she did a reading for one of my dogs, she made a believer out of me. Penni was amazing. The information shared about questions that I had was extremely enlightening and helpful. And my dog's comments for me were things I very much needed to hear. Penni seems to genuinely care. I encourage you to give Penni an opportunity to work with you!"   --Sylvia & Hatch

"After my session with Penni I came out feeling relaxed, refreshed, and lighter. She is very good and was able to help me get back into healthier patterns" - Amber 


"My Reiki cleansing sessions with Penni have always been a great experience. Penni is always straight forward and honest with what's going on with me. Her muscle testing has never steered me wrong" - Lizzy

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